Nerusama no Densetsu

Pencil-Slingin' Madman

Mr. Neil
22 August 1976
I'm a comic artist. I have an online superhero comic called Dasien, to which there is a link below. Dasien is a comic about a regular girl named Michelle with extraordinary superpowers. She and her best friend Parker try to get ahead in the world, but when the Crimson Gestalt comes to town, Michelle has to turn into Dasien to stop them from using a dangerous new weapon! Dasien has action, suspense, humor, and some adult situations. Not for kids.

There is also a Dasien LiveJournal Community, which you can subscribe to if you're interested in getting update notices about the comic. In fact, if you're here because of the comic, I insist that you join the Dasien community as opposed to subscribing to my journal, especially if you're sensative to hearing me rant angrily and using foul language in reference to politics, religion, and other sensative issues. I also talk about and link to porn sites. It's not disgusting or illegal porn, but it's probably more than you want your kids to see, so be careful before you click that "friend" button. I don't pull punches on my journal, but I behave myself in the Dasien Community.

I'm an atheist and a humanist. I don't bite. I'm a really sweet guy once you get to know me. Honest.

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